Why Fitted Shutters?

On Trend
There is a trend in Greater London from carpets and curtains to wooden floors and interior wooden shutters. This is born out in surveys of interior designers, architects, builders and estate agents. Victorian and Georgian Houses that predominate in Belgravia, Chiswick, Chelsea, Fulham, Notting Hill and Kensington are particularly suited to the clean and contemporary look of fitted shutters.

Enhancing your homes value
There has never been a more difficult time for the housing market, so why move when you can add that modern look with the selection of our range of interior wooden shutters. Your new look can be installed within 30 working days, and change the atmosphere at a fraction of the price it would cost to move.

Healthy Living
Living in a city or large town is fun and vibrant, however our lifestyle has created huge amounts of dust microns and dirt in our air, - this tends to gather in curtains and carpets. On wooden floors and shutters any dust and dirt is easily seen and cleaned. This is borne out by the global success of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Control of lighting and ventilation, is vital to keep the correct atmosphere in the home. Our plantation shutters make it easy to control the refraction of light, and stop draughts from windows, a legacy from our Victorian forefathers. You can adjust your shutters to let varying amounts of light in, should it be required more light will enter the room than with net curtains.

The majority of Victorian houses have central heating radiators under the windows covered by curtains to provide a hot air blanket. The removal of curtains ensures that the radiators radiate heat. At night when the central heating is turned down, increase your cosiness in bedrooms by letting all the heat from the radiator come into your room which helps you reduce your fuel bill.

Security and Privacy are two of the greatest hazards in London living. In Southwest London house burglaries are regular occurrences. Wooden shutters give you privacy from unwanted people looking into your home, and that added security of feeling that you are not in the public eye.

Shutters will last a lifetime; the style does not date, they are hard wearing and therefore great value for money.