Environmental Policy

In today's world we all have a choice, our forefathers were not always so fortunate. Good citizenship is thinking today about the consequences of our actions and how they will affect our children and dependants.

Our company is built on high ethical values the foundation of which encompasses our green objective; we only use the highest quality grown sustainable hardwoods and softwoods.

In London our preferred method of transportation is Vespa, for speed, ease of use, and low fuel consumption.

In short, everything we do is geared around making our product as sustainable as possible so that our company, and our customers, can be assured that they are dealing with renewable sources. 

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Shutters
Additionally, wooden window shutters by their very nature provide economic and environmental sustainability within a home. Window Shutters make a room look larger, will last a lifetime and are more energy efficient than curtains, providing economic and environmental improvements to the running of your home. 

The Capella star is actually two stars, which seem one to the naked eye; this is about a win-win relationship for Capella, our customers and the environment.