Green House

‘Sustainable living’ and ‘green housing’ have long since become popular buzz terms amongst the interior design and home improvement communities. And as the current debate surrounding the Government’s solar panel subsidy scheme demonstrates, creating an environmentally friendly home is becoming a more mainstream ambition.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty and the health and security benefits that Capella Shutters bring to our clients’ homes, our shutters are also considerably more environmentally friendly than installing curtains.

This is especially the case in Victorian houses, where the radiators often sit directly beneath the windows.

As many home owners will already have identified, this set-up is a naturally inefficient way to keep heat locked in the home, since the radiators are pumping it into your lounge or bedroom at the exact point that is most susceptible to heat loss: the windows.

For years home owners have been spending small fortunes on double glazing to keep heat locked in the home, which to a large extent makes sense. However one important by-product of this set-up is that long decorative curtains are often hung across the windows from floor to ceiling, concealing the radiators behind – fine during the day when you have the curtains open, but a disaster at night in terms of trapping the heat and not allowing it to radiate around the room.

Our shutters provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional curtains, allowing your radiators the opportunity to do their job and warm the entire room, meaning that you need to leave them on for a considerably shorter period of time.

For more information on the full benefits – beyond beautiful aesthetics – of our product range please visit the why fitted shutters section of our website.


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