BODIE and FOU’s Karine Kong Talks to The Capella Shutter Company

Here is the second instalment of our interview with the fabulous Karine Köng, Creative Director at BODIE and FOU. Previously she bodie and fou logo 2told us about how BODIE and FOU started life and about what influences her personal style. Read on to see the second half of our interview, as she tells us all about why she thinks shutters remain a style classic, and for some great interior design tips!

Why do you think that window shutters have remained such a classic interior design

For me they are a design staple due to the ‘integrity’ of their design and feel, they create a warm, homely environment full of French charm; laid back but chic. They can be made to suit any interior with a simple lick of paint and can be a real statement piece elevating a family home to a design savvy building.

If you could style a pair of shutters into a room, how would you do so?

I have cobalt blue shutters on all of my windows at my holiday house in France. They add an inviting shock of colour next to the white walls of the house, and we have used similar blues as accents within the house to tie it all together such as washed French linen in a gorgeous shade of blue.

Would the benefits of having shutters (such as helping to efficiently heat your home during
the colder months) encourage you to install them in your home?

For me the practical nature of the shutters was a real plus point at our place. It keeps the place cool when the hot summer sun is out, and keeps it warm during the colder months. Plus as we don’t live there full time I like to be able to lock up the shutters and feel that the house is all shut up whilst we are back in London.

What is one great tip, or rule, about interior design that you can share with our readers?

We share a lot of styling tips already on We wanted to create a ‘Boutique’ feel even if our company was online so there is a lot of information throughout our product pages to make the customer’s decision easier. I share a lot of my own DIY projects at home on our blog too.
We also share things that inspire us on our Facebook page and I love it because people really interact with us and it makes the online a closer place.
In general for me white is to interiors what the little black dress is to fashion, “simple, practical and chic, yet also relaxing” so I always paint all the rooms in white first. Once you’ve done that, here are my 4 decorating tips:
-Live in the room for a while before decorating so you can see how the light flows in the room. This will have an impact on the colours and style you will choose for the room
-Favour natural material like wood, linen, concrete, cotton
-Mix contemporary designs with vintage finds to achieve a personal and relax look
-Follow your heart. Your home should represent who you are and what you like.

Thanks Korine! Be sure to visit BODIE and FOU to read their innovative and stylish blog.
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