BODIE and FOU’s Karine Kong Talks to The Capella Shutter Company

We were lucky enough to be granted an interview on all things shutters and interior design with Karine Köng, Creative Director of one of our favourite online boutique and interior design blogs, BODIE and FOU. Below is a quick bio on Karine Köng (pictured right), then read on for the first half of our interview with Karine, to find out how BODIE and FOU began, and how it became the phenomenal success that it is today!

Name: Karine KöngKKBandF
Age: 42
Nationality: French
Occupation: Creative Director
Hobbies: I like pottering around the house doing DIY or crafty things. I enjoy styling and taking photographs and I try to run 3 times a week.
Current living location: West London

How did BODIE and FOU begin? What inspired you and your sister to start the website?
It has been seven years since I launched an online boutique and blog along with my sister. My sister Elodie (BODIE) and I (FOU) are really close and we’ve always wanted to launch a business together. About 8 years ago, I purchased my first flat in Stoke Newington and when I started looking around to decorate it, I was bored by what was on offer on the high-street. It was the same formulaic product offered and it didn’t inspire me at all, it didn’t fire me up.

As Elodie and I were passionate about interiors and design, we decided to launch BODIE and FOU – an inspiring interiors shop with a boutique feel and a stylish collection of home accessories that one could not find on the high-street. BODIE and FOU has grown steadily over the years. Last Christmas, we took the jump and launched the first BODIE and FOU mail order catalogue which was a success with our customers and was recently awarded with an ECMOD Direct Marketing Award so we are very proud of this achievement.

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

My style is relaxed more than anything. I have a busy, creative job and I need my home to be relaxing (read white), simple and soothing while being child and dog friendly. I’m naturally attracted to material and fabrics that have ‘integrity’ like soft, washed linen cottons, leather, concrete and wood and I prefer quality over quantity. I also have to be practical when it comes to the interior design of our home so that I can achieve the white, relaxed look I want while at the same time, make it work for our family.

What influences your style?
I think our family environment had a strong influence on our style and aesthetics. We grew up in a creative home with a DIY ethos. Both are parents are very handy people. Our mum taught us how to sew from a young age and took us to flea markets pretty much every weekend, which over the years, helped us to develop an eye for things as well as a love for interior decoration.

Nowadays, I seek inspiration everywhere… I keep my eyes open and sometimes, inspiration will come from the atmosphere in a little café, a page layout in a magazine or reading blogs. I use Pinterest extensively to file all the things that inspire me and then I follow my heart….

You can read part two of this interview with Karine next week!

Visit Karine’s fantastic website here for more information.