Changing UK Property Trends

Fitted window shutters have in recent years been viewed as a luxurious addition to the home’s interior, perhaps better suited to prestige or commercial properties.  However, with the slowdown in the UK property market, an increasing number of homeowners are now looking to enhance the design and resale value of their existing properties.

Fitting bespoke wooden window shutters is one way to completely rejuvenate the look and feel of a home’s interior at a fraction of the cost of moving – a trend which has led to a period of rapid expansion for The Capella Shutter Company in its first 3 years of operation.

“Our fitted window shutters are designed to fit like a Savile Row suit,” said Paul Reynolds, managing director of the Capella Shutter Company. “With an increasing amount of homeowners becoming reluctant to move in what is a fairly sticky property market, our shutters are seen by our customers as way of increasing a home’s value and aesthetic appeal without going to the hassle and costs of moving.”

“As the demand for our bespoke designs increases we are delighted to announce our extended range of over 20 different materials which we are now making available to customers on a national basis, giving the whole of the UK a taste of the design flair associated with some of the West End’s most sought after properties.”

The company has also experienced a positive effect from the rise in the number of buy-to-let properties in recent years. In some instances its bespoke designs can add as much as a 15%+ increase to the rental value of a home, with just a quick installation at a minimal investment.

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