Factors Influencing West London Interior Design Growth

thought provoking article was recently published by The World Interior Design Network (WIDN), citing West London as the place that demands the UK’s biggest Interior Design budgets.

For those who live here and even those who don’t this may not come as so much of a shock. After all, areas such as Fulham, Chelsea and Kensington are home to some of the most spectacular properties in the World.

However identifying a natural trend towards the sophisticated and an inclination to ‘keep up with the Jones’’, along with a desire to increase property value is to overlook the key reasons behind the thriving Interior Design market in West London.

One of the biggest factors that many people do not take into account when analysing the Interior Design trend in this area is the more general slowdown in the UK property market. Yes, the West London market is more bullet-proof than most, but it is worth pointing out that it is not completely unsusceptible to property market slowdown.

Homeowners have less money in the present climate to buy and sell homes and keep the market moving. And if you can’t afford your dream home – independently of increasing current property value – what do you do? You take measures to make the home you are currently living in as desirable and attractive as possible.

What we have found with the uptake of our bespoke fitted wooden window shutters, is that people are even more likely to buy them in a sticky property market because they offer an extremely exquisite yet cost effective way to instantly impact the entire look and feel of the interior design of your home. This can create an immediate contemporary feel, with more light and less clutter.

The cost of such an outlay is a drop in the ocean compared to the costs associated with moving home – yet by adding a completely fresh wooden interior you arrive at what is a completely new concept for your habituation. At The Capella Shutter Company specifically, our unique colour matching scheme means that we are able to match shutter design with any existing décor your home may currently sport, and that offers great flexibility to upgrade and innovate within your current footprint.

More generally it is not surprising to see the interior Design sector flourishing in London’s West quarters. The area has always been a pioneer in creative design and tasteful décor and will continue to innovate in-spite of the economic conditions. If you can create the same enjoyment factor that you would by moving to an entirely new home through Interior tweaks and redesigns – and of course at a fraction of the cost – then why wouldn’t you?

While this may not come as a shock to those who live there, or indeed those who don’t, it is very easy to overlook the true factors that are influence the uptake in Interior Design in his particular area of the Capital without focussing on the true factors involved.