Free Home Energy Audits Provided by Govt Scheme

A new scheme has this week been announced aimed at simultaneously getting young people into employment and providing free home energy and environmental assessments to London residents.

The Waterloo Energy Academy - which has been set up by the Waterloo Community Development Group and Sustainable Communities along with Government funding – sees 18-26yr olds benefiting from free training and certification in the growing energy & environmental sectors, and in turn creating value for the local community by way of actually going into people’s homes and assessing their current energy usage.

Home energy consumption is becoming an increasingly topical issue in the UK, and as the country’s leading supplier of bespoke fitted window shutters it is something we take very seriously here at the Capella Shutter Company.

As recently covered here on the Capella blog, our fitted window shutters are deliberately designed to minimise the heat lost from home radiators, by allowing the heat to cycle around the room without escaping through the windows, unlike curtains which block radiator heat and lead to increased energy consumption and also therefore expense.

It is details like this that the Assessors will be looking for in their assessments, as seemingly small changes such as replacing curtains with fitted window shutters can have a huge impact on your home’s annual carbon footprint and of course therefore also your energy bill.

It’s great to see such a positive scheme doing so much good in the local community, and while currently localised to the Waterloo area of London we would expect to see a lot more of these schemes introduced as the energy and environmental sectors become increasingly more important to the UK economy over the coming months and years.

For more information on how The Capella Shutter Company is working to offset our own carbon footprint through sponsorship of the trees for citiesprogram click here.