Savile Row Suits our Window Shutters

A few years ago, when The Capella Shutter Company was first starting out on its journey, a client used a very fitting expression to describe our service that has stuck with us ever since:

“Your window shutters fit our home like a Savile Row suit!”

Those familiar with the Mayfair shopping street will know that it has become synonymous with bespoke tailoring over the years. In fact, the word ‘bespoke’ itself is actually thought to have originated in Savile Row, when cloth for an individual suit was said to ‘be spoken for’ by individual customers.

This level of personalised shopping is something that we take very seriously at The Capella Shutter Company.

Savile Row_resize2.jpg

While there are other London window shutter companies out there, it is really our bespoke fitting experience, our unique colour matching service, and our flair for interior design that separates us from the pack.

With a more personal service tailored to individual homes, our customers value our ability to discuss in intimate detail the various issues such as; light pollution from the street lights, privacy from the street, environmental concerns, etc.

As recently announced in the press, we have extended our range of bespoke wooden designs to include a colour matching schemeunrivalled by anybody else in the marketplace – if a colour exists, we can recreate it for you!

Additionally, by regularly working on some of West London’s most prestigious homes and commercial properties, we have developed an eye for cutting edge design that is unmatched by anybody else in our industry. It is this experience that allows us to consistently deliver the right design advice to our customers up and down the country, infusing a little piece of West end design flair into every home we work on.