Basswood Shutters

Our Basswood is grown in the North East of the USA and is a wood that comes from the Tilia family of trees, known in England as Limewood. This wood is commonly called Basswood as it is derived from bast, the name for the inner bark.

The timber of the trees is soft, but strong and stable. It is very easy to work with and has good acoustic properties. It is light and has very little grain and therefore well suited to natural painted or stained finishes. Each year in North America, the country grows almost three times as much basswood as it harvests so it is truly a renewable resource.

Basswood shutters give you the customer a flexible proposition, in window coverings, keeping noise out of your home and helping to create the ambience that is just right for you. You can control exactly the amount of air and light that come through your windows.

We supply basswood shutters in café style, tier on tier, full height, and any bespoke size aperture that you task us with. The more complicated the job the more pleasure we get out of satisfying your request.

In southwest London there has been a huge trend in Chelsea, Chiswick, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, Fulham and Kensington to move to the contemporary look of basswood shutters that are hassle free and easy to maintain.