The owners of this Chelsea Townhouse, were nearly at the end of their renovation, and had been to a nearby department store to shop for shutters. However, they wanted a more personal service and a company who was able to discuss, in intimate detail the various issues such as; light pollution from the street lights, privacy from the street.

In keeping with the bespoke interior design, we designed Full Height Shutters made in Orionwood, colour matched to Farrow and Ball All White with white hinges. The shutters finished off the Dining Room in a modern and contemporary way.

Orionwood is our most popular range, as we are uniquely able to colour match to any of the major UK paint brands, offer 6 different hinge and hardware options, in 5 different louvre sizes and 21 different frames.

The result was that our customer, who had a fabulous location in the heart of Chelsea, was able to keep their personal privacy and space but be yards from the world of Chelsea and The Kings Road.