The View from Our Shutters

We are usually focussed on the fantastic contemporary look that shutters give transforming our rooms and living spaces, either at home, work or when we are out at our favourite restaurant.

So in today's world where the homogenous look of internal wooden shutters is group apace, spare a moment for the look from our shutters.

We have had over the years the good fortune to install shutters at some very special homes and offices which have great A1 locations. At The Capella Shutter Company we focus primarily on London and the South of England so the majority of these pictures should be familiar to you.
The view from our Mayfair Penthouse is one of the finest views of the world. Through the internal shutters you can see across to the London Eye, Over Horse Guards Parade, and of course our shutters have a great view of The Houses of Parliament.

We can provide shutters which keep your privacy yet you can still open the louvres for an iconic or World View.

The beauty of London is its variety of Garden Squares in Kensington, Chelsea, Pimlico, Fulham or wherever you may be, our interior wooden shutters can enhance the look form both inside and out.

The view over the City of London, for the house of a senior banker reminds him that his business is in the city but his life is at home. He is able to shut away the city life from his view across London, from Dulwich, which is one of the finest vantage points of our City. Here you can see views across Clapham, Wandsworth and Vauxhall showing the great city we live in.

We also like to help our customers in their holiday homes and we were asked to install some Full Height Shutters in Farrow and Ball colour matched paint, in the South of France looking across the Bay of Saint Tropez. The purpose being to keep the cool in during the balmy summer days and the privacy from the mega yachts, but be able to see at the touch of a louvre.

Most of our competitors show you the view from the rooms but we wanted to give an overview of the view from our shutters.